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In an average day we are bombarded with more than 5,000 advertising messages

When it comes to billboard advertising there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it.  We have put together a list of tricks to ensure your next billboard campaign really stands out from the crowd.

Paradise Outdoor Advertising's Tricks For Demanding Attention

  1. Avoid the use of cliché words and phrases…we call it ad speak. Clichés in advertising are overused and predictable, and no longer work in our noisy over communicated society. 
  1. The most effective billboard ads sell a single message. Remember your ads can never tell the entire story…that’s what your website is for.
  1. Predictability kills advertising. The best billboard ads include an element of surprise, an image, question or punch line that power your billboard advertising with unpredictability.
  1. When it comes to outdoor advertising, less is definitely more! Think quality versus quantity.
  1. Make your customers the hero of your story. Great ads are about the customer, not your business.  Find out what drives and excites your customers and include it in your advertising.
  1. Are you advertising on other mediums? Advertising works best when you have a consistent and frequent message. Ensure your message is uniform across all forms of media.

Here are some of our favourite client campaigns

Here are some of our favourite billboard campaigns from all over the world

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