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Rewarding those who are...Doing Good!  

We love regional Queensland and there's nothing more Queenslander than helping our mates in need.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of donating more than 1.5 million in Outdoor Advertising to QLD charities.

Four times a year, we will partner with 4 carefully selected charities, each receiving 1 of 4 Outdoor Advertising packages valued at more than $75,000 each. The Paradise Outdoor Advertising Doing Good Charity program is designed to raise awareness for the selected charities, allowing them to continue to support the local community.

Some of our recent POA Doing Good Charity Winners

How to apply for the Paradise Outdoor Advertising Doing Good Charity Program

If you are a registered not-for-profit or a charitable organisation who would like to apply for the Paradise Outdoor Advertising Doing Good program, simply download an application, and submit your charities proposal during one of the open submission phases listed below. 

Application Open submission phases:

11th December 2023 - 26th January 2024

1st - 26th April 2024

1st - 26th July 2024

1st - 31st October 2024

*Charity Application submissions will only be accepted during the submission phases. 
Please submit your completed application and proposal to: [email protected]

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