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Could Paradise Outdoor Advertising be your most valuable tenant? 

As one of Australia's largest regional outdoor advertising companies, we are always on the lookout for potential high exposure billboard sites. Our Landowners come in all shapes and sizes, from farmers, government organisations, small to large business owners and everything in between. 

As a Paradise Outdoor Advertising (POA) Landowner you'll receive...

Guaranteed source of income: 
The beauty of being a POA Landowner is that your sign will become a guaranteed source of income, backed by a reputable, trusted company with more than 40 years experience.  

Boost your property value: 
Long term, secure income that will effectively increase the value of your property.

No outlay:
Absolutely no cost to you. POA covers the cost of everything, from council applications/approvals, building applications/approvals, fabrication, construction, maintenance, power connection and ongoing costs, insurances and any other costs required.

Hassle free: 
As a POA landowner there is nothing for you to worry about. With 40 plus years of experience, we know how to look after our Landowners.

Maintenance free:
At POA, we believe that when it comes to advertising first impressions are everything and that begins with the presentation of our billboard sites. POA are one of the only companies that regularly wash, mow and maintain their sites, keeping them as clean as the day they were installed. 

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