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Landowners FAQ

Q. How much will I get paid?

The licence fee is determined by current market rates and is direct deposited to your bank account on a quarterly basis.

Q. What will it cost me/who pays for the structure?

Paradise incurs all costs and responsibility for the new structure. There are no outlays by the landowner.

Q. How large will the sign be?

The size and style of the sign is determined by what is suitable for the location and how it aligns with Paradise’s development plan.

Q. What happens if I sell the property?

Paradise has a simple assignment document which enables the transfer of the agreement as part of the sale.

Q. What type of advertising will be on the sign?

Paradise is a member of the industry’s governing body, the Outdoor Media Association and as such abides by government legislation and codes of conduct. We do not display controversial or offensive messages.

Q. Can I advertise my own business?

Our arrangement with the majority of our landowners does not include this as Paradise invests all of the capital, manages obtaining and retaining clients and incurs all ongoing costs. Therefore to maximise our investment we require the use of the sign for commercial purposes.

Q. What happens if the sign is damaged?

Paradise will incur all costs to maintain and repair the sign.

Q. How long will the sign be there for?

Each site is different depending on the Landowner’s future intentions for the property. Paradise will discuss the tenure arrangement with the landowner and is happy to negotiate the term.

Q. Who pays for the electricity?

Paradise separately meters each sign wherever possible and pays for all electricity usage.

Q. Will the sign impact the property or other tenants?

With such a small footprint Paradise structures do not affect the everyday use of the property or other tenants. In fact, we can be looked upon as an additional tenant who the landowner receives ‘rent’ from and which adds value to the property.

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